Hi my name is Bronwyn Quigley and for the past eighteen years I have practiced massage in Melbourne, Australia and I have enjoyed the warmth of attending to this community.

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Remedial Massage

Used to target areas of contraction throughout the body, perhaps incorporating Myofascial Release work

Sports Massage

Is used to flush out a build up of lactic acid in the tissue and to bring blood and lymph to the areas of contraction.

Pregnancy Massage

Massage is so effective for pregnant women.  It can really provide great relief

Relaxation Massage

Over the years I have come to understand the great benefits of relaxation massage…


A technique used to bring fresh oxygenated nutrient rich blood to areas of stagnation

Myofascial Work

Myofascial release work helps to release the bound down fascia.

Energy Medicine

Instead of working on the gross and densest level of manifestation, the physical body, energy medicine targets the more subtle realms.

Integrative Breathwork

Using techniques from yogic breathing to Somato Respiratory Integration

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