Instead of working on the gross and densest level of manifestation, the physical body, energy medicine targets the more subtle realms.  The place where everything is birthed (sickness, wellness, matter) and returns, sometimes referred to as the Akashic Field.  I have studied with the Four Winds Society based in Park City Utah; they gifted the knowledge of the Incan Medicine Men and Women in their course “Healing the Light Body”.

The Illumination Process is knowledge handed down from a lineage of medicine men and women from ancient teachings of the Incan people of Peru, the caretakers of Mother Earth and is approximately 5,000 years old. This process sources information from the “blueprint” level of our being and transforms wounds and old ways of being into energy that can heal the bodymindsoul. In a gentle honoring and deeply powerful way this process uncovers stored traumas that continue to inform our lives in inhibiting ways to be acknowledged expressed and healed.

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