Over the years I have come to understand the great benefits of relaxation massage where once I too would have thought of it purely as a luxury, but it provides a very profound benefit which is lacking today – silence, stillness, calm, peace.  By taking the mindbodysoul to a place of timelessness and stillness, it is able to rest deeply and even heal trauma.  Relaxation massage can bring you to a place of meditation, an altered consciousness, the place we go to when we sleep which can be extremely transforming.  How often are you able to rest in this place during the day?


This relaxing work is done through breathwork, gentle soothing sweeping strokes; uncovering a few areas of deeply held contraction for a more profound level of relaxation and de-activating your fight or flight response.  Mostly today we are constantly in a state of fight or flight due to our over stimulated environment. It is switched on and stays on, our bodies are on high alert for extended periods of time – which may lead to illness and disease.  Relaxation massage is one tool that can switch this response off.