Our wounds, when they are ignored, denied, repressed, neglected or pushed away, begin to fester, and they eventually poison us and those around us.

Those very same wounds – physical, emotional – when given kind attention, when given permission to exist in the vast landscape of the present moment, when illuminated unconditionally by the loving light of awareness that we are, begin to heal naturally, without effort.

Make no mistake – “healing” is not the mending of something broken, nor the “making good” of something “bad”, nor even the transmutation of darkness into light.  It is  much deeper than that – it is the understanding that, on the primordial level, nothing is broken, nothing is darkness and nothing is against darkness, and even our wounds are only intelligent invitations to stop and remember our deeper original nature – ever present, undying, unborn, and already whole.

Seen in the light of awareness, our wounds are not really our wounds at all, they are our greatest spiritual teachers, healing us from all inherited notions of sickness and health, ignorance and awakening, sin and salvation.

(Jeff Foster)