A Guide to Finding your Way through Life’s Ordeals – Thomas Moore (Author of the Classic #1 New York Times Bestseller – “Care of the Soul”)

dark night

a little taste….

“Nothing could be more precious, then, than a dark night of the soul, the very darkness of which allows your lunar light to shine.  It may be painful, discouraging, and challenging, but it is nevertheless an important revelation of what your life is about.  In that darkness you see things you couldn’t see in the daylight.  Skills and powers of soul emerge from your frustration and ignorance.  The seeds of spiritual faith, perhaps your only recourse but certainly a valuable power, are found in your darkness.  The other half of who you are comes into view, and through the dark night you are completed.

You become the wounded healer, someone who has made the descent and knows the territory.  You take on depth of color and range of feeling.  Your intelligence is now more deeply rooted and not dependent only on facts and reason.  Your darkness has given you character and color and capacity.  Now you are free to make a real contribution.  It is a gift of your dark night of the soul!”