Massage is more than just “fixing” sore muscles.

Diving into the Delta Waves


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Massage and a little Energy Medicine can allow you to completely surrender to the present moment and to touch that space that is our essential self which is both deeply relaxing and transformative. Deep relaxation through massage is similar to the meditative state, where there is little mind/body activity; the brain is in delta wave state (or “slow wave sleep”), where the electrical activity in the brain slows down.

Tests show that practitioners in the field of healing can alter their brain waves to delta (whilst awake) in order to access this transformative space for their clients, having greater outcomes for whomever they are treating. (Ref: “The Akashic Experience” Ervin Laszlo pge 105). It has been shown that depriving the body of delta wave sleep activity significantly induced or increased musculoskeletal pain and fatigue.

When we are young we naturally have greater times of delta wave activity….we didn’t think as much. By the time we are 40 or so we have trained our minds to think to such a degree that delta wave activity is extremely low or not at all… radically increasing our degree of aging and disease. It may seem that we are literally thinking ourselves to death. The lightening effects of exercise, diet, herbs and other wellbeing treatments will be greatly enhanced used in conjunction with diving into the delta waves……..either through meditation or deep sleep (with the help of massage). Our bodies were designed to self-heal ……interestingly it is when we are doing absolutely nothing……that’s when it all happens!

Accessing deep sleep and practicing meditation is more important and powerful than we realize. It has the ability to prolong our lives and ensure better decision making which in turn promotes a more content and fulfilling experience as a human being. How we move through the world effects everyone else around us from intimate relationships to people we meet and pass on the street. We have a great responsibility to transform old limited ways of being not just for ourselves but for the whole planet.

Some benefits of delta wave activity:

Release of anti-aging hormones

Increases a state of empathy

Extreme bliss- usually felt by meditators

Advanced healing of body and mind

Human growth hormone is released responsible for bone, muscle and body growth

Connection with the subconscious mind – increasing intuition and the emergence
of deeply held memories and feelings to be honored and released….freeing up
enormous reservoirs of energy and joy

Boosts immune system

Whilst in the delta wave one can tap into the universal mind and the
collective unconscious, where information received is otherwise unavailable at the
conscious level